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Allset Security Services, Inc. is committed to enhancing the growth of the security industry by providing professional services. We at Allset have a host of services that start with the mandated New York State Security Guard Act of 1992 training. We offer the eight hour pre-hire, the sixteen hour on the job training, and the annual eight hour training for unarmed guards. We will be providing the forty seven hour armed guard and eight hour annual armed guard qualification. With our partners in the security industry we also provide armed and unarmed protective services.

In addition to the above and consistent with the training model we offer National Rifle Association training. Current holders of Concealed Carry Pistol permits will be pleased to know that we also offer the needed assistance in obtaining the coveted multi-state licenses that are available from Florida and Utah. Check our pages to see what states have reciprocity agreements with holders of the multi-state permits.

Please feel free to contact us regarding how we may help individuals or companies in what has been identified as the growth industry of security.

Professionals are identified by the training they receive. The untrained hope and sometimes pray that they do nothing wrong. Professionals train to do what is correct.


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