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New York State Security Guard Training Program 2010

8-Hour Training Certificate

The 8-hour pre-assignment training certificate is the minimum requirement to work in security in New York State. This training class is developed in accordance with the NYS Security Guard Act and presents an overview of a security guard's duties and responsibilities under the law. The certificate is earned by passing the exam at the end of the class.

This 8-hour training certificate must be kept as permanent record of your completion of the course. Under the law, you must produce the original 8-hour training certificate upon the request of an employer.

This pre-assignment training class is completed only once during your career. The class fee is $95. Application for the NYS security guard license must be a made with a copy of the certificate. The pre-assignment class is given by appointment.

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16-Hour On-The-Job Training (O.J.T.) Certificate

Within the first 90 days of working as a security guard, state law requires completion of the 16-hour O.J.T. (On The Job) training classes. The O.J.T. consists of two 8-hour classroom days. The course material is labeled "part a" and "part b". This material does not overlap so that you can take these classes in any sequence.

The O.J.T. objectives expand upon topics relating to basic functions and responsibilities. All subjects are consistent with the security guard's specific duties, the nature of the workplace and employer requirements. An exam is given after the second class. The O.J.T training is completed only once and the O.J.T. certificate kept as a permanent record. These classes are given frequently and scheduled by appointment. The 16-hour O.J.T class fee is $150.

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8-Hour Annual In-Service

One-year after the date of the 16-hour O.J.T. certificate, an 8-hour annual in-service class is required. Annual-In service training is required by law every year to keep certification current. The class fee is $95. The Annual In-Service class is given by appointment.

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New York State Security Guard License

The license application package can be completed during the 8-hour class. New York state requirements are:

  1. An 8-hour pre-assignment training certificate.
  2. A department of motor vehicle identification number. This I. D. Number appears above the photo on all NYS driver licenses, NYS learner permits and NYS non-driver identification cards.
  3. The security guard application fee is $141.75. This fee is made payable to NYS Dept Of State in one post office money order. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.

The package to be mailed should contain a copy of your 8-hour certificate, your application and the fingerprint requirements. We suggest using priority mail ($4.05) with delivery confirmation (.50), a total of $4.55. Priority mail guarantees your application will be received in Albany within three business days.

A security guard cannot work with an expired license.

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Armed Security Training Courses

47 Hour Firearms Training Course

The 47-hour Firearm Training Course is designed for security officers and other personnel who must carry a weapon in the performance of their duties. The program incorporates both classroom instruction and practical range instruction.
The course emphasizes when the use of a weapon is justified, the law regarding the use of deadly physical force, the proper handling of a weapon, weapon safety, and weapon use.

Annual recurrent training programs are offered to satisfy the requirements of the Act. This 8 hour session Is a topical review of basic procedures, legal powers and limitations, ethics and conduct, emergency situations, access control, report writing, patrolling, and other pertinent subjects.

Allset Security Services, Inc. is a New York State Certified 47 Hours Armed Guard and 8 Hours Annual Armed Guard training School

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Utah Concealed Carry Multi-State Permit

You may apply for a concealed firearm permit if you are at least 21 years of age. Utah Permit incudes Notary, the Mandated Utah Instructor Stamp, Application Completion and Fingerprints.

Where To Apply

Bureau of Criminal Identification
By mail: 3888 West 5400 South Taylorsville UT 84118-3549

How To Apply

Please answer all questions in the application by typing or clearly printing in ink. Attach all documentation required. Every application must be signed and notarized prior to being submitted.

Cost To Apply

A non-refundable fee of $65.25 must be included with your application. This fee consists of $35.00 for application and permit processing and $30.25 charged by F.B.I. to process the fingerprint card. The Bureau will accept cash, check, money order or credit cards. Name and address must be imprinted on check. Credit card payment must include the 3-digit control number from the back of the card. BCI only accepts VISA and MASTERCARD. Make check or money order payable to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. There will be a $20.00 service charge for returned checks. Do Not Send Cash In The Mail

What Must Accompany the Application

Include the Following Documents:
Photocopy of Your Drivers License
(Blue & White) Applicant Fingerprint Card


One recent color photograph of passport quality – 2”X2” Name Must Be On Back Of Photo!!

Application must include physical and mailing address

Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprint card must be filled out completely. USE BLACK INK ONLY. Writing and prints must be legible. Fingerprints can be taken by a the instructor or a trained fingerprint technician. Fingerprint cards that are not legible will be returned to the applicant and will cause a delay in processing the application. Fingerprint services may be available from your local law enforcement agency.


If you are a resident alien or naturalized citizen you must include your ARI or naturalization number on your application and fingerprint card.

Weapon Familiarity Certification

Applicants must complete a firearms familiarity course certified by the Bureau. The course must be completed before you apply for a permit. Please have your instructor complete the certification information on the application. Holders of a valid Concealed Firearm Permit from another state other than Utah are not exempt from taking the weapon familiarity course from an approved Utah instructor. BCI must receive your application within one year of course completion.

Application Processing

Once your application is received, a background investigation will be conducted. When this process is complete and it is determined that the criteria established by law has been met, the permit will be mailed to you. Do not call to check the status of your permit. Your application will be receipted once it is received.
Utah BCI 60 days to process your application.

You may apply by mail. When applying by mail please send your application along with everything that must accompany it in a 9 x 12 envelope, if possible, for more efficient processing.

WARNING: Falsification of any information in the application may result in denial or revocation of a permit and possible criminal prosecution.

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NRA Basic Pistol

Using the NRA training method of Total Participation Involvement, basic courses
provide hands-on learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Firearm handling and safety
  • Firearms parts and their operation
  • Ammunition and its function
  • Shooting fundamentals and an opportunity to develop them on the range
  • How to select, clean and store a firearm
  • Review of various activities available to help participants develop their shooting skills

Certificates are awarded to participants who successfully complete each basic course.

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